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BEBONCOOL Game Joystick Controller For Switch Wireless Gamepad Joy Con Controller Left&Right Game Joypad Control + Grip Stand

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2pcs/Set Game Controller Handle For Switch Host Joy Gamepad Console Joy Pad Gamepad Video Game USB Joystick Control + Grip Stand

Product Description

Ideal alternative for Nintendo Joycon, with full set of buttons, joy pads can be as a standalone controller when connect with console or grip or used separately. Automatically paired up by easily sliding them into console or wirelessly connected through bluetooth. A more ergonomic shape makes it easier to hold in hand. Dual shock and motion control make games more immersive.


Perfect performance:Gamepad controller for Nintendo Switch / Lite. Same layout as Joycon. All Joycons have complete buttons and can be used as independent switch controllers. All Joycon controllers can be installed on the handle holder as a switch controller, and can also be connected to the console to use in handheld mode, or each hand can be used independently, shared with friends to enjoy 2 in supported games Player's actions (support the latest version) to comfort)

Macro definition:This gamepad remote control can be set with a "macro" button, which means you can combine the functions of the A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR buttons into one button (M). When playing an action game, set the macro button (M) to realize the function of one or more buttons.

The controller used to switch Joycon can be upgraded via a USB cable without a driver (PC upgrade)

Custom turbo and motion control:The console controller can customize the Turbo button, and you can set A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR. For the continuous shooting function of the Switch Joycon controller, you can play arcade games or action games more interestingly.

With the somatosensory and motion control functions of a six-axis gyroscope, it can provide a real and exciting gaming experience;

All functions of Joycon can achieve extremely precise speed, position and precise control, start/stop movement. Help you improve the accuracy and speed of the game

Easy pairing and comfortable holding:The gamepad controller remote control is easy to connect, can stabilize the signal through wireless connection, and automatically reconnect.

The unique grip and ergonomic design allow your palm and index finger to rest. Comfortable to hold If you use the switch as a handheld device, these are good choices. You can now play for several hours without injury. Especially suitable for big hands

Long battery life and the results obtained:left joystick controller x 1, right joystick controller x 1, C-type cable x 1, black handle bracket x1, user manual x1. Rechargeable battery life is about 20 hours. The switch controller has two charging methods. The Joy Pad controller can be charged through the console, or the L/R controller can be charged separately through Type-Y.

Package :

Left joy pad controller x 1

Right joy pad controller x 1

Type-C cable x 1

Black grip stand x1

User manual x 1

Support card


This controller can not wake up your Switch Console

This controller is not compatible with Android/iOS, Gear VR Oculus.

Please note it can't work for Ring Fit Adventure!