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BEBONCOOL Switch Controller,for Switch Joy Con,One-Piece Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch OLED Handheld Mode(JC200 Series Controller)

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Experience the ultimate gaming control with our dedicated Switch Controller. Designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED host, this pro controller enhances your gaming experience in every way. Feel the action come to life with the dual motor vibration, immersing you deeper into the game. With the somatosensory function, enjoy precise motion control that adds a new level of interactivity. Take your gameplay to the next level with the burst function, offering both manual and automatic bursts with adjustable speed settings. With 17 dazzling light-emitting effects and adjustable brightness, the illuminated dual joysticks create a visually stunning gaming environment. And with a comfortable and large grip, enjoy extended handheld play without sacrificing comfort. Elevate your gaming experience with our Switch Controller and unlock your full gaming potential.(No NFC)
Introducing Our BEBONCOOL Switch Controller: Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience.(No NFC)
  • High Compatibility: The BEBONCOOL switch pro controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch/OLED consoles.
  • Enhanced Programmable Function: Take switch pro control like never before with our two back keys (ML/MR). Each key can be macro programmed with up to 21 key values, helping you win games easily.
  • Manual and Auto Turbo Function: With options for 5/12/20 shots per second, you can set turbo on buttons to meet your personalized gaming needs.
  • Endless Gaming Power : The wireless controllers for Switch have a built-in 1000mAh battery that provides over 10 hours of playing time in RGB LED light mode.
  • High-sensitivity 6-axis Gyro Sensor: Offers precise motion control for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Dual Motor Vibrations: Bring excellent game immersion and improve game feedback.
  • Ergonomic Design: The switch controller features a comfortable ergonomic shape and non-slip grip design.
  • Package Includes:
       1 x One-Piece Joypad Controller
       1 x User Manual
       1*Charging Cable
  • More detail:
  1. The pro controller features four card slots on the top back, securely storing and protecting up to four game cards.
  2.  The Beboncool switch pro controller boasts an independent screen capture key for instant screenshot capturing with just one press. For those epic gameplay moments worth recording, long-press the same button and effortlessly begin screen recording, ensuring you can share and relive your triumphs anytime.
  • Connection method:
Press and hold the [HOME] button on the connection interface for about 3 seconds until the red signal light flashes quickly. Then release your hand and wait for the successful connection.