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For Wireless Switch Joy-Con Pair, Nintendo Switch Controller for Switch/Switch OLED

Wireless Switch Joy-Con Pair

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It can be installed on the slide rail of the host (the host can be awakened), or it can be detached and used for wireless connection (reconnectable and wake-up). There are connecting bridges, which can be used together or used individually. Also Can connect to Nintendo Switch Lite host wirelessly, Large grip, comfortable grip, the button layout is not crowded, and it is better to press.Burst function, manual burst and automatic burst, burst speed 20 times/s. It is convenient for players not to tire their fingers when they continue to use a certain key function in the game.
    • 🎁 There are six-axis acceleration (precise and rapid adjustment of viewing angle, aiming, steering, etc.) and dual-motor vibration (clear vibration feedback, allowing players to be more realistically immersed in the game)
    • 🎁The left and right 300mAh lithium polymer batteries can be charged for 1-2 hours, and the time of single use is 8-10 hours. It can be charged with the charger plug-in cable, or it can be installed on the main unit to charge the Joy-Con while charging the main unit.
    •  🎁This product does not support infrared and NFC functions Buttons can be set to turbo function: A/B/X/Y/L1/L2/R1/R2/up/down/left/right buttons
    • 🎁Turn on the manual turbo function: Firstly press and hold the T button, and then press one of the function buttons to turn on the manual Turbo function of this button.
    • 🎁Turn on the automatic turbo function: Firstly press and hold the T button, and then press the function button that has been enabled manual turbo to turn on the automatic turbo function of this button.
    • 🎁Turn off the turbo function: First press and hold the T key, and then press the function key that has been turned on automatic turbo, it will turn off the turbo function of the function key.
    • 🎁Clear all buttons turbo functions: Long press the T button for about 5 seconds, the corresponding indicator light goes out, that is, all buttons’ turbo functions have been cleared.
    • 🎁The turbo functions of the left and right Joy-Con buttons are not interoperable (That is the left Joy-Con’s turbo function can only be set by the T button of the left Joy-Con, and the right Joy-Con‘s turbo function can only be set by the T button of right Joy- Con)
    • 🎁Two charging methods:
    • Method 1: When the Joy-Con is inserted on the side slides of console, charge the Joy-Con by charging the console.The charging status can be checked in the"Controller" option.
    • Method 2: When Joy-Con is took off from the slide rail, connect to the USB cable for charging. The charging status is as follows
    • Charging: The corresponding signal light flashes.Fully charged: The corresponding signal light is off.
  • Package list :
    1*Left joy pad controller
    1*Right joy pad controller
    1*Type-C cable
    1*Black grip stand
    1*User manual