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VOYEE Switch Controllers Compatible with Switch/Lite/OLED, Switch Pro Controller with Programming Motion Control Vibration, Updated Wireless Switch Controller with Wake-up Turbo Screenshot

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Product Description


Perfectly compatible with Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED, you can play any game on the console as you like.


About Turbo Function:

Press "Up” arrow on the D-pad and "T" button: Increase burst speed

Press "Down” arrow on the D-pad and "T" button: reduce burst speed

Three-level speed: 5 shot/s, 12 shot/s, 20 shot/s.

During bursts, the indicator light will flash.

The higher the controller's burst speed, the faster the indicator light will flash.


About the Extra Mappable Trigger M1/M2:

1. The back button on the controller is easy to program and adjust.

2. This controller can map up to 16 buttons.

3. You can map the M1/M2 button one by one.

4. Press M1/M2 and "—": map only one button

5. Press M1/M2 and "+": map the key combination

6. When you want to use the ultimate skill with one key in the games, you can set key combination.

7. The speed at which a key is mapped affects how quickly it reacts in-game.

Setting Method:

(assuming you want to map the Y+B+A+L+R buttons on M1 button)

1. Press "M1" and "+" at the same time, and the lights on the controller will flash slowly;

2. Press the Y/B/A/L/R button on the controller one by one, and the indicator light will flash quickly

3. Finally press the M1 button, the indicator light will be on, indicating that the mapping is completed.

Close the Mappable M1/M2 Function:

If you don't want to use the mapping function of the M1/M2 buttons, your hands may habitually touch these two buttons, which will affect the game. Steps: Press and hold the "—" and "T" buttons for 3s, and after the wireless controller vibrates for 1s, the function is closed.

How To Connect?


Sync to Console:

1. In the N-SL main menu, click on 'Controller'一'Change grip/sequence', and enter the Controller pairing mode;

2. Press and hold the "Y"+HOME button for 4s to enter the pairing state. The LED flashes frequently. The controller is automatically paired with the console. After the connection is successful, the LED been on;

3. When the connection is successful, you can press the HOME button, and the LED will flash slowly in the form of a marquee and automatically reconnect.

Sync to PC with A USB Cable:

1. Use the USB cable to connect the gamepad and the computer. After connection, LED1 and LED4 of the gamepad flash slowly at the same time. Successfully connected, the gamepad can be normally used.

2. The controller defaults to Xinput mode on the PC side, and the keys are XBOX 360 key layout, non-standard PC key layout.

3. In XINPUT mode, hold down the screenshot button for 3 seconds to convert to DINPUT mode.

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