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Wireless Cute Dog Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Console Pro Cartoon Controller For Switch Windows PC Wake Up Wired Voice Joystick

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Wireless Cute Dog Gamepad For Nintendo Switch Console Pro Cartoon

Controller For Switch Windows PC Wake Up Wired Voice Joystick

Wake-up Function:

ESYWEN switch controller compatible with Nintendo Switch/Lite. After the initial connection between switch controller and the console, even if the console is in sleep mode or the you are lying on the sofa, you can wake up the console by pressing the switch controller "HOME" button. The wake-up function greatly facilitates players to play at a distance from the console

Cute Controller with Headphone Jack :

The pro controller for Nintendo switch is small and popular among players with fox’s appearance. What's amazing isthat wireless nintendo switch controller for nintendo has an audio headphone jack, allowing players to communicate with their teammates online, making for a more immersive gaming experience (Under wired connection can use audio function)

Adjustable Turbo Function:

Switch pro controller for nintendo has automatic turbo and manual turbo function, A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR button can be set to turbo function , and the turbo speed is adjustable in three speed, Press “Turbo” button and the right joystick to accelerate upwards and decelerate downwards. You can set a suitable speed according to different games. And if you want to clear all turbo settings, just press the turbo button of switch remote for 3 seconds then press the "-" button

Macro/Programmable Function:

Two programming keys on the back of switch controller can map the basic function keys, and the 12 basic function keys can be mapped to the macro definition buttons (Entering the macro definition settings you have to press the T button first). bluetooth controller makes the original complex game operation more simple and convenient for players to operate during the game

Double Motor Vibration Adjustable:

Switch wireless controller for nintendo has built-in dual motor vibration, six-axis acceleration sensory, and four vibration levels can be adjusted. The back of the nintendo switch wireless controller for nintendo switch is also equipped with 1 click screenshot function, just press the screenshot button, and long press to record screen, so that players can share the wonderful game moments to social software or their friends, family, loved ones, etc. in time.

Wired Voice Function

When the handle is wired to the host, it can be connected to a wired headset with a 3.5mm terminal, which supports listening and speaking. While not disturbing others, it allows players to be more immersed in the game world and enhance the game experience.

Support the PC end use of Windows system

Wired connection is directly recognized as X-INPUT mode, and games that support this mode can be used directly (audio and somatosensory in this mode are invalid). It also supports the Steam handle mode. When connecting to the computer, first press and hold the right joystick, and then connect the handle to the computer with a USB cable to enter the Steam handle mode. This mode supports audio and motion sensing.